Passcode of a Perfect Mother

by Mammoths on Giants

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released May 7, 2016

Vocals: Mert Papik
Guitars: Gençay Aytekin
Bass: Derda Karakaya
Drums: Alican Erbaş

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Bahadır Sarp
Drums recorded by Saygın Özatmaca at Babajim Istanbul Studios & Mastering
Guitar recordings by Bahadır Sarp
Bass & Vocal recordings by Alican Erbaş
All lyrics by Mert Papik
Artwork by Gençay Aytekin



all rights reserved


Mammoths on Giants Istanbul, Turkey

Sludge metal / mathcore band from Istanbul.

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Track Name: Basel Bath
Basel bath

Fever, coming after you
Your veins bows a way through 
More they scald an iron eye
Separating more the frozen.

Fever, reaching certain size of pores
Treason vomits older you.
Watchers taunts that you're sold…
She comes drainedly, asks you
Are you ready to end up in a barn again?

Three sons, coming after you.
Watchers, treason, separation is a foul

How pretty authentic yield
That burns the life
Every single one, 
Watchs for faith devotion and truth
Never turn yourself amongs the night
Follow every word i say
Its not the last time we burn here

I'm ready to feel
Watching you fall
And I'm ready
Joy is falling amongst the night
Watching every word we say
Track Name: King Marmot
King Marmot

Pour, right from the fairies,
Every sincere rhythm foams.
Chasing all the wisdom, short.
And how they deny again?
The sound of bones in these dark ruins

Take it off your mouth
Every meaningful choise you can see

Here comes the raining for you
Its a change
I cant believe how I become
So unfair

Choise of falling down
Every single faith becomes harvested,
Show your faith.

Every moment is back on me son
Less than fear here
We die again
And so it goes into your doom;
Its a chain to your doom again
Track Name: Preacher (You're Alive)
Preacher (you're alive)

Preacher, you' re alive
You don't feel anything, or disguised?
We will find our ways to despair
I don't fear you, don't believe…
Dont beg a dime to heal

Break the water;
One, the great haymaker!
Peen all till death peals soft

Whose hands are pulling the sledge through?
Reasoned, but never been so proud

But you tellers;
Greasy, concentrated dogs
Burned all
And soiled the wise light
Greasy concentrated dogs

Paces out paces in; 
I've never seen this far long

Every chain refers true, its a change too
Watching every folly is a faith on you.

Tortures everyone you saw
Every moment is a fortune?
Reaching every side you burn
Clinching every single one you see!

Reaching up to every fear is,
A chain, a crush of feat
Holding up to your old dawn is a chain to every single war!